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Wedding Chandeliers

Light It Up offers several different styles and sizes of chandeliers for your event or wedding. Below are some of the chandeliers we offer. 

6 light valentine.jpg

6 Light Valentina 34”h x 24”w

12 light valentina.webp

12 Light Valentina 48”h x 42”w


Empire 34”h x 24”w 

Belgrade Chandelier 6 Light.webp

Belgrade Chandelier 6 Light

Tiffany Chandelier.webp

Beaded Cyrstal Chandelier

Pearl Beaded Chandelier 4 Light.webp

Pearl Beaded Chandelier

Leran Pendant Large and Small Sizes.webp

Leran Pendant Large and Small sizes

Iron Lanterns Medium and Large.webp

Iron Lanterns Medium and Large

Ellison Chandelier 6 Light.webp

Ellison Chandelier

Alder Lantern.jpg

Adler Lantern 32.5"W x 32.5"D x 26.5"H

Ravenwood Chandelier 9 Light.webp

Ravenwood 9 Light

Belgrade Pendant 3 Light.webp

Belgrade Pendant 3 Light

Starburst Chandelier 18 Light.webp

Starburst Chandelier

Mini Crystal Chandelier 5 Light.webp

Mini Crystal Chandelier

Large Royal Chandelier 15 Light.webp

Large Royal Chandelier 15 Light

Gold Leaf Trellis Chandelier 4 Light.webp

Gold Leaf Trellis Chandelier 4 Light

Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier 12 Light.webp

Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier


Pagoda 6 Pendant 49"W 

Rutledge Chandelier.webp

Rutledge Chandelier

Single Tiered Crystal Chandelier 12 Light.webp

Single Tiered Crystal Chandelier

Luxe Chandelier 9 Light.webp

Luxe Chandelier 9 Light

Large Gloster Chandelier 6 Light.webp

Large Gloster Chandelier 6 Light

Empire Chandelier 9 Light.webp

Empire Chandelier


Darby 24”h x 20”w

Wagon Wheel_edited.jpg

Gold Wagon Wheel (LARGE) 60" D


Custom Oyster Shell Chandelier


Lowcountry Crab Basket Chandelier


Rustic Hanging Board Lights

Zendra Orb

Newberg Rattan.webp

Newberg Rattan Pendant


Ames Rattan Pendant

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